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Latest Episode

Those 80’s Kids Remember

Tom Cruise!

Those 80s Kids are back, baby! It’s been a while, so why not join Andi, Bryan and Craig for a small, brief and concise conversation about Tom Cruise, his life and illustrious career! People say that, right?

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Recent Episodes

Those 80’s Kids Remember

Action Movies!

Lights, Camera … what’s that thing that comes next??? ACTION!! Of course! How forgetful of me!! Andi, Bryan, Craig and Rusty talk action movies in this episode of Those 80s Kids Remember!

Those 80s Kids · Action Movies

Pee Wee Herman!

I know you are, but what am I? Well, I’m an 80s Kid, how ’bout you? In this episode of Those 80s Kids Remember Podcast, Andi, Bryan, Craig, and Rusty talk a lot about Pee Wee! Like, a lot, a lot!

Those 80s Kids · Pee Wee Herman

John Landis & John Carpenter Movies

Not another 80s movies podcast!? Yep! We ain’t ashamed! Deal with it! Those 80s Kids take a look back at movies from John Landis and John Carpenter.

Those 80s Kids · John Carpenter and John Landis Movies

The Coreys!

Ahhh,… The Coreys! Did you have a favorite? Was it Haim, or Feldman? Perhaps it was Hart. Whichever your teen crush may be, Those 80s Kids will take you back to that happy place for a while …. a very brief while.

Those 80s Kids · The Coreys!

Rock Movies

I can’t fucking believe we forgot Spinal Tap! You should listen anyway!

Those 80s Kids · Rock Movies

Serial Killers

Those 80s Kids examine the topic of some of the most notorious serial killers of the decade. The Night Stalker, BTK … what other twisted individuals will The Kids talk about?

Those 80s Kids · Serial Killers

Video Games

Ahh, the jingle of the quarters (or tokens) in your pockets, the smell of … well, whatever that was, the flashing lights and the wakka wakka. Oh the excitement that would course through your veins upon entering the arcade, to the debilitating hand cramping as you sat on your living room floor glued to the TV, just to traverse a yellow semi-circle through a maze as it’s being chased by ghosts (for some reason). In this episode, Those 80s Kids Remember Video Games!

Those 80s Kids · Video Games

The Royals!

Tally ho, pup pup, and all that! Heeeellllllloooooo! Taking a turn for the unexpected, Andi, Bryan, Craig and Rusty sit down for a royal gossip session royally worth your listen! OK, so not so gossipy, but Those 80s Kids Remember the British Royal Family. It’s not all about Princess Di, I promise!

Saturday Night Live!

Well, what brought you to this little podcast episode today? Was it, oh, I don’t know …. SATAN??? (not so) Live from various locations in the upper Mid-west, it’s Those 80s Kids Remember Saturday Night Live!


Those 80s Kids Remember gather to talk about visual artists that were popular in the 1980s. Join Andi, Bryan, Craig and Rusty for this happy little episode.


Grab Those 80s Kids and stuff them into your state of the art minivan, and roll on down to the local video store to rent you up some movies! Make sure you get there early! It’s Friday, and you don’t want to miss out on the best ones! I hope they still have a copy of Ghostbusters on Beta available!

Hair Bands: Where Are They Now?!

Ever wonder what happened to your favorite hair bands from the 1980s? Well, wonder no more! NO! DON’T GOOGLE THEM! That’s boring!!! Let Those 80s Kids lead you in a trip through aqua net, eyeliner, and debauchery, on a tour that is sure to end in the gift shop of sobering present day reality.


Take a breather from the current games, and join Andi, Bryan, Craig and Rusty and exercise that memory in this episode of Those 80s Kids Remember Olympics … in the 1980s!

Those 80s Kids · Olympics!

Eddie Murphy!

We’re Those 80s Kids, Dammit! Those 80s Kids don’t do that! Well, maybe … yes, yes we do! Gumby or Buckwheat or James Brown, (with or without hot tub) or Stevie Wonder or Mr. White, always legendary. Mr. Eddie Murphy.


Did you collect Garbage Pail Kids Cards? Have a rainbow array of Jelly Shoes in your closet? Maybe you preferred Ye Ole Slap Bracelet? Whatever your favorite fad from the 1980’s, Those 80s Kids probably remember it!

Just Say No to Crack!

Just say no to drugs, and say YES to Those 80s Kids Remember!

Michael Jordan!

If I knew more about basketball, I’d have written a witty and pun driven sort of description of this episode, but I don’t. Though I can say, if you’re sitting there in your Hanes tighty whiteys, downing a blue flavored Gatorade while watching Space Jam, you’re going to LOVE this episode about Michael Jordan. Slam dunk!

Cable Television

So it’s 11 pm on a Saturday night, the ‘rents have gone to bed, and the TV remote is all yours, what are you going to watch? Keep in mind, it’s 1980 something, and you’ve just been hooked up to cable TV. The possibilities are endless!

Those 80s Kids · Cable Television

Over & Under & Mike!

On what would have been 80s Kid Mike’s 54th birthday, please join us in honoring and celebrating his life with his final recorded podcast. To kick off the episode, we welcome Mike’s wife Angie, and their daughters with a special segment celebrating Mike! The episode, recorded in mid December of 2020, finds Those 80s Kids Remembering the most memorable overrated and underrated movies of the decade.

Weird Al Yankovic!

An 80s icon who certainly doesn’t need an introduction … or maybe he does, I don’t know, I don’t know your life … I’m talking about the one, the only, the white, the nerdy, Mr. Weird Al Yankovic. Is he a comedian or a musician, you ask? The answer is, yes!

Those 80s Kids · Weird Al Yankovic

Michael Jackson!

King of Pop himself, Tito Jackson. Grabs crotch and screams for no particular reason Just josh’n! Of course it’s Michael!


Andi’s choice of topic brings the kids together to talk about what is possibly the best band in the whole of the world, (yes, this is Andi writing this) U2!



Trick or Treat! Join Those 80s Kids as they walk the darkened streets and knock on the doors of their neighbors in hopes of getting the most tasty …. TOOTH PASTE?! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???!!! Listen lady … yes, let’s listen!

The Karate Kid & Cobra Kai!

Wax on, wax off! Join Those 80s Kids as they wax nostalgic about the popular 1984 movie The Karate Kid and it’s modern spin off series, Cobra Kai.


Who’s That Girl Like a Virgin?! It’s none other than Madonna! Those 80s Kids Remember the Material Girl as the Lucky Star she is. Can I stop now? Vogue!


Summer may be drawing to a close, but it’s not too late to talk Vacation! Join Andi, Bryan, Craig and Mike take a trip down Holiday Road, as Those 80s Kids Remember the Vacation movies!

Soviet Union!

Those 80s Kids go back to the U.S.S.R. in this episode of Those 80’s Kids Remember!


Though, she may sound a little surly, I can assure you, That 80s Kid Andi is NOT drunk! Join her and the rest of Those 80s Kids, Bryan, Craig & Mike as they get a little topical in talking about Covid19-Corona Virus while making comparisons, (and possibly martinis?) to the HIV/AIDS pandemic of the 1980s. Listen to Those 80s Kids Remember Podcast today!

Bill & Ted!

With the recent announcement of the upcoming movie, Bill & Ted Face the Music, Those 80s Kids Remember take a trip back to 1989 to revisit Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and, (to a lesser extent) Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey!

Recorded 3/15/2020

Tom Hanks!

Time once again for an episode of Those 80s Kids Remember! Join The Kids as they talk about the life and early career of the one man and actor EVERYBODY knows, and loves, Tom Hanks!

Recorded on 2/23/2020

Those 80s Kids Remember

The Holiday Show!

Ho! Ho! Holidays! Those 80’s Kids Remember ’em! Grab that Sears Catalog and cozy up for a listen while you mark your Christmas prezzie wishes!  Recorded 12/8/2019

Those 80’s Kids Remember MALLS!

Those 80’s Kids Remember Fashion!

Those 80s Kids Remember Crimes!

Those 80’s Kids Remember Cartoons!

Those 80’s Kids Remember, Sports!

Did the Kids talk about your favorite 80’s sports moment(s)? Only one way to find out!

Season 3 Episode 3 – Recorded 8/2018

Those 80’s Kids Remember Stand Up Comedians!

Can we talk?! What’s the deal with stand up comedians from the 80’s?! Oooh!

Season 3 Episode 2 – Recorded 6/16/2018

Those 80’s Kids Remember Cars of the 80’s!

Season 3 Episode 1 - Recorded 5/27/2018


Season One Recorded Fall & Winter 2014


Season Two Recorded Fall 2016 through Summer 2017


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